Visualizing Success In 2023 For Children

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What is visualizing success?

Visualizing success refers to creating a mental image of achieving a desired outcome to increase motivation and improve performance. Many athletes, business professionals, and celebrities have used this as a powerful tool or technique, which helps oneself overcome self-fear and build confidence. Studies suggest that visualization is based on neuroscience, which is how the brain works and functions. 

Have you ever participated in a sport? If so, you may have felt uncertain or hesitant about a skill or trick you are practicing. Especially during a championship or tryout, you always want to make sure you do your best or near perfection. It's best to implement visualization that can help you see yourself completing that skill before actually taking action.

Have you ever taken a test that seemed almost impossible? Research shows around 40-60% of students suffer from test anxiety. Visualizing an A+ can help alter your mind and thinking to complete the test with ease and confidence. Another part of visualization would be positively thinking, “I got this!” The negative side would be, “I’m going to fail.” Even if you feel like you might fail initially, always continue to believe and visualize positivity to succeed.

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