5 Reasons Why You Should Encourage Your Child To Speak Different Languages


There are countless benefits of being multilingual or bilingual, especially learning languages at a young age to be able to communicate with people of all ethnicities throughout your life. It's also easier to not waste a lot of time using translation apps or platforms.

According to statistics, around 43% of people in the world are bilingual and 17% are multilingual. The earlier you can learn another language, the better. 

REASON #1: Traveling to Other Countries

It is also valuable to learn a foreign language so that on your next out-of-the-country trip, you can understand others fluently. Being able to recognize the local language helps you to get around more efficiently, knowing some basic knowledge of road signs and food menus. 

REASON #2: Career Opportunities

For a child’s future, the ability to work abroad, and know more than one language, can avoid the limitation of career choices. Opportunities can apply to public relations, sales, transportation, marketing, and so on. 

Today, understanding multiple languages can be an advantageous asset in every industry. Many employers seek bilingual or multilingual candidates and knowing more than one language can increase your child's possibility of getting hired.

REASON #3: Cultural Awareness

Another factor of learning different languages at a young age gives them a chance to learn where their family is from. Best of all, to learn what language(s) are spoken. It also gives them a chance to appreciate different cultures.

REASON #4: Personal Growth

Speaking multiple languages can help your child communicate with a wider range of people and build diverse friendships, which can lead to improved social skills and greater opportunities in life. This journey can also become a fun and exciting experience.

REASON #5: Increases Multitasking Abilities

The ability to become fluent in one or more languages allows the mind to switch from one language to another. When reading words or sentences, it is great to be able to translate with ease.

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