About Sumer Strawbree

Sumer Strawbree Black Brown and Beautiful Coloring Book Positive Affirmations Digital Artist Illustrator Motivational Speaker

"I help girls with low self-esteem improve their self-confidence through positive affirmations"

Did you know?


As a black, brown & beautiful 13 year old girl it is my mission to SAVE and IMPROVE girls drowning self-esteem. 

I've already reached over 5,000 girls and climbing with my message in less than a years time...

"I have been drawing since I was 5 years old"


My Appearances

The Kelly Clarkson Show, FOX35, News 6, News 13, Orlando Sentinel, The Sanford Herald, Cheryl Magazine, Fierce Entertainment, Lex GO Financial, The Aunt Debb Show.

As Seen On The Kelly Clarkson Show, WKMG News 6, Cheryl Magazine, Fox 35, Spectrum News 13, WFTV Channel 9, WESH 2 News, The Orlando Sentinel, The Sanford Herald, Voyage MIA Magazine

Here's My Story

Harassed in the 6th grade by kids at her school... 

"Did your fingers get longer since the last time we seen you in elementary school?" Others commenting, "Your fingers are so long and longer than ours", when she was in elementary school." Sad and annoyed, Sumer Strawbree had a talent that they didn't know about. But, now they do. 

Word got around school as pictures of Sumer's first coloring book, "Black, Brown & Beautiful" began to flood her Instagram (@sumerstrawbree) and even more pictures of her supportive community and customers posed with her and her book. Furthermore, she proudly wears her t-shirt brand to school that is getting her more positive attention these days for her fingers abilities to draw digital art on the pro level.

Now she's in the 7th grade. She was asked what the kids say about her now and she responded with confidence, "They think I'm famous!" However, her self-esteem was already built high before they were asked for their current opinion about her through reading her daily affirmations. She realizes it's about what she thinks about herself, not what others think that matters most.

Everyday before school and at 7PM in the evening, she reads her affirmations aloud with her dad in a call and response fashion. Her positive self-image is continuing to rise. She hopes that girls will not only color the positive images on the pages of her coloring book, but would also take the time to read affirmations daily building their self-esteem.

In 2019, Sumer Strawbree won the Master Artist Award from a local art studio. In 2020, she won her school district's Youth Arts Month Award and was named Artist of the Year by her elementary school. 2021 was her biggest year to date winning 1st place at Kid$ Bi$ Children's Fair out of 35 other youth landing her press attention with The Orlando Sentinel, Spectrum News 13 and the Sanford Herald newspaper.

Her goals are to earn an art scholarship for college, have her art that's in color displayed in an art galleries, have her books in bookstores and for her art to be sold internationally.

Furthermore, it is her goal to design a black Barbie Doll, have an animated series on Netflix and have her book and merch sold at Walmart and Target.

My Message

Schools, Non Profits, and other Organizations bring Sumer Strawbree in to speak and inspire in the following areas:

Vision board for Student Success Workshop


Affirmations for Students Success Workshop


Managing School while Building a Profitable Business Workshop


For MEDIA INQUIRIES or to Book Sumer Strawbree for Speaking Engagements or Business Opportunities please email pr@sumerstrawbree.com or Call 321.209.1740

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Sumer has donated copies of her book

'Black, Brown and Beautiful' to Nemours Children's Hospital in Orlando and Delaware and to inner city schools across the nation that have a high population of at risk youth.

She has lead vision board workshops at the Orlando Science Center for its visiting paying guests and families. Guests have a great time and leave with a sense of purpose for their lives.

Furthermore, Sumer has spoken to girls at non profits and schools about how she was bullied and how she took back control of her self esteem through writing and reading positive affirmations daily. 

A portion of revenue is donated to a charity partner who uplifts black & brown girls self-esteem.

Sumer Strawbree is the author and illustrator of 'Black, Brown and Beautiful', "Glow Up' and another book on the way called 'My Career Glow Up'.