Bullying Resources


Updated March 25, 2022

Bullied in Elementary School

12 year old author, illustrator and speaker, Lauryn Jones, professionally known as Sumer Strawbree was bullied during school hours from the 4th through the 6th grade by those who she thought were her friends. 

Imagine coming from a safe, protective and loving home environment as a young girl and being thrust into school where kids of varying aggressions and backgrounds impress upon you their negativity through different forms of bullying. 

At this very tender state of development they would laugh at her fingers often. They would taunt her laughing saying that her fingers were longer than theirs. As if she was an alien. She told her dad and he quickly took action.

As her two front teeth fell out at the same time, they didn't grow back in as straight as expected and also left a gap. The same group of so called friends bullied her so much that she stopped smiling in pictures taken of her. Her dad noticed and that's when he learned more about the negative impact the students had on his daughter's self-esteem.

Coming soon will be the flow of who you can contact as a parent, guardian, family member or friend of a girl that is being bullied during school hours or after school hours by other students taking back control from the bullies.