How To Raise a Self-Confident Daughter


Raising daughters to have strength and confidence within themselves is a mission that can be challenging in today’s culture. Although today’s society has grown to accept women in higher leadership roles, the stigma of how a lady “should” act, think, and look still remain. 

Self-confidence is essential to living a fulfilled life. With confidence and high self-esteem, we have the courage to chase our dreams, determination that quiets doubt, and resilience to overcome obstacles. 

Self-confidence also comes with an assurance that relationships and friendships will have a foundation of connection outside of deep insecurities. Developing their self-worth will make it harder for them to seek it externally.

Raise your daughter to have the tenacity of an unbreakable self-confident woman with these 6 tips.

1. Set the tone

We are role models for our children. Being confident within yourself and showcasing your own willfulness will inspire your daughter to do the same.

2. Allow room for mistakes

It is okay to make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and make room for them to happen because they will. Remind yourself, and then remind your daughter, that mistakes are opportunities for growth.

3. Challenge them

Taking risks and growing to new levels require challenges. Allowing our daughters to be challenged, creates space for them to expand their critical thinking skills and think of creative solutions when problems arise. Leading to number four…

4. Praise and encourage effort

We try. We fail. Then we try again. Praise your daughter for trying and encourage them to keep going until they get it right. Our confidence builds when we persevere.

5. Express your love

“I love you. I’m proud of you. I believe in you.” Expressing your love and appreciation to your daughters, in any way you can, will help them feel loved and build their self-esteem. How they receive love at home, will help set the foundation for how they receive love in the world and from themselves.

6. Broaden her horizons

Our daughters are much more than their outside appearances. Develop communication skills, empathy, problem-solving, and other interpersonal skills. Adding brain to their beauty will help them flourish in self-confidence.

By Adena Patrice


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