10 Affirmations For Taking Action for The Rest of 2023

Once you realized we were halfway through 2023, were you more surprised by the progress made toward your goals or by how fast the year flew by before you could start?

Goal setting at the beginning or end of a year is common. Attaining and achieving these goals throughout the end of the year is not. Our minds can interfere with our desires to take action. Whether we are no longer inspired to go after our goals or doubt and fear corrupted our thoughts, our daily action of no-action can quickly become a habit. 

Studies show that 92% of our New Year’s resolutions go unachieved. Most people let the year go by and fill their days with procrastination, fear, and negative thoughts. Affirmations replace fear and doubt with confidence and determination. Once you influence your thoughts and pursue your goals, results will push you further along your journey! 

Inspire yourself to change any resistances you may feel, shift your mind, and take action today with these 10 action-fueling affirmations.

  1. I can do hard things!
  2. I have what it takes to take the first step!
  3. I prioritize progress over perfection!
  4. I think of creative solutions to any setbacks that arise.
  5. I am learning and improving every day.
  6. I am capable of doing everything that needs to be done.
  7. I take actions that support my goals.
  8. My vision becomes a reality with focused intentions and inspired actionable steps.
  9. I am inspired and energized by my positive actions and thoughts
  10. I see it. I want it. I got it!

By Adena Patrice


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