3 Secrets To Manifest Anything With Affirmations

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Have you ever told yourself, “I can’t do this” “I’ll never be able to…” or “I hate myself”? Research shows that the brain does not recognize the difference between negative and positive input statements and will act accordingly. Those statements repeated over and over become internalized in your subconscious mind and become who you are. You’ll go throughout your entire life approaching every opportunity with a defeated attitude.

Identifying when these limiting beliefs about yourself started is key. Consider thinking back through your early childhood. It may take some time to pinpoint what experience triggered the negative thought. Was it at home, school or a sports team where the experience happened? Was it a kid or an adult that said something? Children know what they know about themselves by the experiences that they have with others.

Young children accept and absorb what is said about them especially when negative. There aren’t really any natural defense mechanisms that protect children from not accepting what they are told about themselves. Children are impressionable and are programmed with the experiences that they encounter daily. This is not limited to home, school and church either. Social media, images on the news and movies also influence children in forming ideas about themselves. 

Ever said something nice to someone and they rejected the compliment? Instead of saying thank you they respond with, “I don’t think so.” More than likely they are suffering from low self-esteem that began when they were just a child. When young children or teenagers reject valid compliments that is a red flag.

It is detrimental for a child to carry negative self-esteem into adulthood. The result may be loss of employment, relationships, friendships, health and more. They may not recognize what is going on in their life and turn to drugs, alcohol or other risky behaviors. Those behaviors can be passed down to their children and their children’s children in a generational cycle like a curse.

When a parent doesn’t believe that they are capable of accomplishing something they often limit the opportunities for their children in the same area. For example, a parent that hasn’t had success in Geometry can inadvertently implant that belief into their child by continuously saying that math is hard. The parent is running a program based upon their experiences with Geometry that is now entering the subconscious beliefs of their child. Children take statements made by their parents as truth and apply their parents beliefs to their lives.

The solution is to create more opportunities for exposure to a wider spectrum of experiences for the child. If you have never golfed before, then create that opportunity for your child. You’ll thank yourself and your child will appreciate the new experience as well. Never been to a 5 star hotel, but frequent 3 star hotels? You owe it to yourself and your child for one night to see how some people lodge at the highest level. Going from a 3 to a 5 you’ll never want to go back. Subconsciously you’ll try to earn more money or save to be able to afford the 5 star stay again.

Don’t like Italian food? It doesn’t mean that your child wouldn’t want to have that experience at least once. Go check out Olive Garden for the sake of your child's experience. They may turn out to be the next Italian food chef. 

Expanding children's opportunities and not limiting them can enhance their well being and quality of life in the long run. On the other hand, a child that has limiting beliefs already is on a path for failure in life.

Schools don’t teach this… you have to teach this. Introducing a child to positive affirmations as early as possible, beginning with when they learn to speak is an intervention method that is sure to have positive results. 

What is an affirmation? An affirmation is a statement that is intended to reverse self-sabotaging thoughts or beliefs about oneself. 

Examples of How Not to Write Affirmations

  • I will be intelligent
  • I will be wise
  • I will be carrying
  • I will be wealthy

Examples of How to Write Affirmations

  • I am intelligent
  • I am wise
  • I am caring
  • I am wealthy

The subconscious mind interprets the word “am” and “will” differently. When you say I will, you are signaling to the brain that you are on a journey with no specific time of arrival from point A to point B. This is counterproductive and you may as well not say that affirmation at all.

Saying the word “am” signals to the brain that there is a definite purpose. “Am” is concrete and unwavering. 

If you’ve already started writing affirmations go back and edit them so that they are definite. You may have noticed when reading an affirmation that begins with “I will” that there was some doubt. When exercising faith there is no place for doubt.

Prior to introducing an older child to affirmations it is suggested to identify areas of lack in the child’s belief system. Then have a conversation with them to see if your perception of their beliefs are accurate. Discern whether or not through a collaborative effort if there are other areas that can be identified as well. 

Adults should reflect and brainstorm on paper either by journaling, listing or using a graphic organizer for recording the areas of lack or improvement in their lives. Don’t rush it all in one sitting if you can help it. Take some time to really think about where you are in life and how you got there. This process is meant to transform your weaknesses into greatness.

Aside from improving your mental well being you may also have desires for a new job, car or house. You’d still manifest through writing positive affirmations just the same.

Examples of How to Write Affirmations for Your Desires

  • I have the skillset for my new job
  • I have a new job
  • I have a Mercedes G Wagon
  • I have money to buy a Mercedes G Wagon
  • I live in Windermere, Florida
  • I have the money to buy a house in Windermere, Florida

If billionaire Oprah says “I am a powerful manifestor” then what other proof is needed that it works? She says she doesn’t need a vision board any longer because of the level of manifesting that she is on. Furthermore, manifesting begins with a thought or an idea or an affirmation.

Here are 3 Secrets to Manifest Anything

Secret #1 to Manifest Anything:

Express Gratitude. When expressing gratitude by saying thank you that shows that you are appreciative even in the midst of your good or adverse circumstances. Expressing gratitude is one of the highest frequencies on Earth besides love. It allows you to be receptive and open for more experiences and opportunities. 

Secret #2 to Manifest Anything:

You remember that present you received as a child that you really wanted? Have that level of thankfulness and more. Be thankful with gladness. Gladness is a feel good emotion that in the brain produces a surge of happy hormones. It is powerful.

Don’t ever beg in your affirmations. Begging is a negative emotion. 

Secret #3 to Manifest Anything:

Be thankful for what you desire as if it is already here. When your subconscious believes that you already have something you begin to act in ways that attract that thing. If you believe you already have the car that you desire you see yourself dreaming about it and seeing it more often on the highways. You may find yourself not going out to spend money as frivolously anymore. Some people report going to the dealership or auto dealers more often asking questions or just sitting in the car as if it is yours.

Manifesting begins as an idea, thought or desire until it appears in its physical or other dimensional form. Remember thoughts become behavior.

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