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Sumer Strawbree is an Orlando, Florida based teen CEO, speaker author, illustrator and first place digital art winner (2023 Celebrating Black History Creative Art Contest) awarded by the Orlando Magic and Orlando Museum of Art.

I Am Confident University™


Sumer Strawbree teaches girls like her how she uses her inner-power to defeat school bullies by improving her self-confidence.

However, this wasn't always the case...

Her dad began to notice that she wasn't smiling big for pictures anymore like she used to and he asked her why. He was able to discover that kids were making fun of her two front teeth that grew back in crooked.

As a result, it took a negative toll on her mental health.

Sumer Strawbree didn't realize that she was being bullied until her dad pointed it out that other kids don't get to make fun of her physical appearance daily. 


He introduced her to positive “I am” affirmations to rebuild her self-confidence far past where it use to be during better times even.

He required her to say "I am" affirmations before leaving for school in the morning and in the evening before going to bed.

"I am Black, Brown, & Beautiful, I'm a Winner, I'm Leader, and I am Fearless!"

They took her negative experience and created a much needed mental health movement through a series of affirmations coloring books that are positively impacting girls of all races around the world. 

Sumer Strawbree understands what it feels like to lose her self-esteem at such a young age.


I help girls unleash the power of positive affirmations to improve their self-confidence.

"I Am"... is the Most Powerful Statement in the Universe.


That all girls will tap into their inner super power to improve their confidence.


2X Mainstage speaker at the Atlanta Ultimate Women's Expo.

$50K in Revenue Affirmations Coloring Book

Sumer Strawbree is the author and illustrator of her highly successful coloring book with positive affirmations, 'Black, Brown and Beautiful'.

Her publishing company SumerStrawbree Publishing independently sold $50K of books in less than a year when she was only 12 years old.

This due to the overwhelming support of moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts, uncles and college students of all races across the nation and abroad responding to the need of uplifting resources for the self-esteem and mental health of young girls in their lives.

75% of girls with low self-esteem reported engaging in negative activities like cutting, bullying, smoking, drinking, or disordered eating.

Sumer Strawbree is the author of two more affirmations coloring books 'Glow Up', 'My Career Glow Up' and her first children's picture book 'Black, Brown, Beautiful, Bullied' releasing Fall 2023.

Sumer Strawbree, uses her superhero story in 'Black, Brown, Beautiful, Bullied' to show kids that whether they are verbally, physically or cyberbullied by friends or strangers, that their power lies within themselves when they begin to internally believe in who they are and what boundaries they have the power draw to protect themselves from bullies. 


"I help girls with low self-esteem improve their self-confidence through positive affirmations"

On stage you will hear her asking her audience to repeat with her, "I am Black, Brown and Beautiful! I am a winner! I am a leader! And I am fearless!" 

Or depending on the demographic of the girls she has them repeat another appropriate affirmation.

Sumer let's girls know, "I am statements are very powerful and work on a subconscious level through repetition over time." Letting them know that Oprah and Steve Harvey used affirmations and vision boards at their lowest points to get to where they are now.

SPEAKING and Vision Board Workshops:

  • Orange County Public Library
  • The Orlando Science Center
  • Orange County Area Schools
  • Osceola County Schools
  • Boys & Girls Club
  • Atlanta Women's Expo
  • Black Women's Roundtable Dripped in Pearls
  • Maile Image Modeling and Acting School
  • Virtual Zoom with Non Profits around the Nation












Orlando Magic & Orlando Museum of Art

Black History Month Creative Art Contest-1st Place in Digital Art


Sumer Strawbree is the 15-year-old author and illustrator of 3 awe-inspiring coloring books with positive affirmations, ‘Black, Brown and Beautiful’, ‘Glow Up’ and ‘My Career Glow Up’ which all feature positive images of black and brown girls!

She has appeared on L.A. based and critically acclaimed “The Kelly Clarkson Show”, ABC News Live, Atlanta News First, The Sisaundra Show, Fox 35, News 13, News 9, News 6, News 2, The Orlando Sentinel, the Sanford Herald and more.

Selling over 10,000 copies of ‘Black, Brown and Beautiful’ (10,000+ girls inspired) which was written after her dad introduced her to positive affirmations, because she was bullied at school by her friends.

She is on a mission to Save and Improve girls’ drowning self-esteem through her books, merch and speaking appearances at schools, churches, events and nonprofits.

She recently released 60 self-esteem building affirmation cards with 60 full-color pictures hand selected from 3 of her coloring books.

"I am affirmations should be read at least once a day either upon waking up or before going to sleep or both."

Affirmation Examples:

  • I am happy!
  • I am a leader!
  • I am smart!
  • I am gorgeous!

I Am Confident University™ Workshops, Books and Workbooks

Sumer Strawbree is available to Speak in these areas:

*Unlocking Student Potential Through the Power of Vision Boards Workshop
*Empower Your Confidence: Student Affirmation Workshop
*Building a Business from Scratch Workshop         

*How reciting positive affirmations unlocked her subconscious mind after being bullied and how it brought out the confident superhero that was already inside of her.                                         


Benefits of Bringing I Am Confident University™ to Your Program:

  • Improved Self-Confidence: Bring out the super hero already inside kids.
  • Ignite Enthusiasm: Spark excitement for life and school again.
  • Empower Girls: They see that she can do it and so can they. Sometimes kids get tired of hearing from adults. She's relatable.
  • Bullying Prevention: Victims learn to speak up and bullies think twice.
  • Inspires Hope: Taking a negative experience and creating a positive one.
  • New Mindset: Reprogramming the subconscious mind for upward momentum.
  • Mental Health Awareness: Identify coping strategies and tools for life.


    RETAIL COST $9.99 EACH, 'Black, Brown & Beautiful™© Series'



    ✔️ Anti-Anxiety images designed to the raise positive thinking before bed or upon rising or during stressful moments.

    ✔️ Creates an atmosphere for a better attitude within a girls mind designed to the raise positive vibrations before bed or upon rising.

    ✔️ Encourages positive self-thought in young girls' minds until the thoughts become second nature improving their self-esteem. Simple affirmations are heard to rewire the mind to believe in oneself. 

    ✔️ Subconsciously builds mental strength to ward off bullies and get through tasks that seem mentally challenging and difficult when listened to daily.

    Studies have shown that

    • 90% of kids that reported being bullied online are bullied in person 
    • Only 36% of students ever report bullying to anyone
    • Bullying often goes unknown by parents
    • 20% of youth experience anxiety symptoms
    • 25% of youth experience depression
    • Some kids that bully don't mind detention, suspension or expulsion. So they continue.


    Sumer Strawbree has made it her commitment to give back to her community.

    In 2022 she donated a generous amount copies of her books to...

    • Nemours Children's Hospital (Orlando & Delaware)
    • Comegys Elementary School (Philadelphia, PA)
    • Mollie Ray Elementary School (Orlando, FL)

     Corporations that bought books...

    • Pepsi
    • General Mills


    Sumer Strawbree has had the pleasure of being asked to create three social media animation promo's for Grammy Award Winning Tye Tribbett's 'All Things New' Album.

    To see jaw dropping drawings of celebrities check out and follow her Facebook or Instagram pages @sumerstrawbree

    Robin Roberts

    Kim Fields

    Kenan Thompson




    In person or virtually via Zoom 



    PHONE: (321) 209-1740


    FACEBOOK: @sumerstrawbree

    INSTAGRAM: @sumerstrawbree

    LINKEDIN: @sumerstrawbree


    Speaker Fee's Vary depending on, but not limited to group size and location (does not include travel outside of Orlando).

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